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When you need a new bathroom in Felixstowe and surrounding areas, our family-run, independent company has a wealth of plumbing experience. With over 10 years in the bathroom and plumbing trades we can help out with all of your needs, from new bathroom installations to repair work and everything in between.

Foxhall Bathrooms was founded with the aim of providing top quality bathroom installation services for customers around the area.  Whether our customers need a new bathroom in Felixstowe or simply some attention to an existing one, we are happy to help. We offer full bathroom fitter services and even bathroom design to get a bespoke room that perfectly suits your needs.

Bathrooms are tough and can withstand most of what we throw at them but there comes a time when a sink, bath, toilet or shower needs replacing. Often, it is more than one and that’s when a professional local bathroom fitting company is what’s needed. Foxhall Bathrooms can design, install, fix and repair.

Whatever your bathroom requirements are, we can assist at a reasonable price.

Bathroom Fitting

There are some elements to the bathroom that are pretty standard – sink, toilet, bath, maybe a shower cubicle. But that doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to look the same as all the other bathrooms in the area. The answer is to work with independent bathroom fitters just like Foxhall Bathrooms!


Hands up if you prefer to jump in the shower than waiting around for a bath to fill? For most of us, the sheer convenience of the shower means it is one of the most important parts of the bathroom. If you need shower installation or a replacement for an existing unit, then we’re here to help.

Wet Rooms

The idea of a wet room started out life as something that was provided for people with mobility issues where climbing into a bath could be a tricky proposition. But a growing number of people are coming around to the benefits of a wet room and that’s why wet room installers are in demand.

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With over 10 years’ experience behind us, we have fitted bathrooms of all styles from small toilet rooms through to the big luxury bathrooms we all dream about.

We always treat each one with the same level of care and attention because we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do. Every bathroom is bespoke, meaning we find the right fixtures, fittings, and designs to perfectly match with what you need.

Another benefit to using our service is that we can cover all of the main jobs in a bathroom renovation. This starts with the building works needed to clean out the old bathroom fittings and to start adding the new ones.

We can do plumbing, carpentry and drainage as well as general building work. This means you get a complete finished bathroom, ready to go.


Another major area of our services is in the bathroom installation department. We design and fit bespoke bathrooms for our clients, whether for a new bathroom, a renovation or simply an improvement.

We can fit the bathroom and do all the plumbing work as well as everything from shower installation to plumbing and drainage. All of our work is guaranteed, get in touch for a quote.

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